ALLIED SEALS is one of the Global Leaders specialised in the Research, Development and Manufacturing of High Security Seals. Established in Malaysia in 1998, our main objective has remained intellectually in researching the most innovative security sealing solutions for all needs.

We are devoted in offering Products with unique and extraordinary security features, and we have the abilities to offer optional customizations and as well as the resources to develop special Product’s developments according to Customer’s needs.

At ALLIED SEALS, we are Customer and Quality orientated. We emphasized quality control through best practice and all our Products are manufactured according the ISO9001:2008 certified Quality System that features the most stringent Quality Control and Inspection Criteria in the security seals manufacturing industry.

Today, we manufactures a comprehensive range of Security Seals, classified from Indicative to High Security, for Intermodal Containers, ISO Tank Containers, Railcars, Trucks, Air Cargoes, Valves, Electrical Appliances and etc.

Ultimately, our vision is to persist in the acceleration of new Product's developments to ease the increasing concerns of today's world escalating level of counterfeiting, thefts and frauds.

ALLIED SEALS Products are ISO 17712 compliant for C-TPAT shipping distributed worldwide, via our Group of Companies and Associates in the USA, Europe, Taiwan, UK, Japan, South America, Africa and Asia Regions.