• ISO/PAS 17712 compliant - Indicative Security Seal
  • Light-weight - Superior tamper evidence           
  • Customised sequential alphanumeric barcode       
  • Markings are encapsulated with a transparent Cover, eliminating the risks from tampering or alteration               
  • Custom-made Cable that unravels when cut eliminating the risks of rejoining
  • Precision double-locking heat-treated Tool Steel locking mechanisms
  • Available in various Cable lengths expanding the level of sealing applications
  • For multi-purpose pull-through applications           
  • Easy to apply - Tools are not required           
  • Removal with Cable Cutter

Tensile Strength:  Above 2.0 kN
Shear Force: Above 110 kg-f
Bending Cycles: Above 501
Impact Load  
Low Temperature: Below 27.12 J
High Temperature:  Below 27.12 J
Packaging:   10 Seals bundled in sequence
Quantity: 500 Seals per Carton 
Carton Size:   480mm x 260mm x 160mm
Net Weight: Approx. 8.66 kg    -    200mm Cable Length
Volume:     0.01997 m3