• ISO/PAS 17712 and C-TPAT compliant - High Security Seal
  • Exceptional heavy-duty - High tensile strength and impact resistance
  • Superior tamper evidence and resistance                   
  • Customers abbreviations and sequential alphanumeric digits
  • Markings are permanently engraved on Steel Barrel        
  • High shear-force Carbon Steel Pin available straight or bent in various lengths
  • Precision Carbon Steel locking mechanisms                   
  • For Intermodal Containers, Railcars, Trailers, Trucks, etc…
  • Easy to apply - Tools are not required                   
  • Removal with Heavy-duty Bolt Cutter

Tensile Strength:  Above 20 kN
Shear Force: Above 2000 kg-f
Bending Force: Above 80 Nm 
Impact Load  
Low Temperature:   Above 40.68 J
High Temperature:  Above 40.68 J
Packaging:  10 Candy-packed Seals taped in sequence
Quantity: 100 Seals per Carton
Carton Size:  248mm x 190mm x 121mm
Net Weight: AApprox. 10.22 kg  -    TB III L
  Approx. 11.80 kg    -    TB III 125
  Approx. 13.20 kg    -    TB III 150
Volume:    0.00570 m3